Low-energy fans with a new generation of engines, that meet the most stringent power consumption limit for motors and fans. New limits that was set by EU come into effect in 2015, now fans MplusM with technology GreenTech significantly outperform the limits.

GreenTech Technology

The fan is fitted with EC - electronically commutated engine, which is now the trend of modern fans. For users represents a significantly lower energy consumption. This series of fans allows very accurate performance settings (via PWM signals, or 0-10 V) and this adapting the fan performance to real needs. As a result of this control process, the real operational energy costs reduced up to 90 %.

Next, a not inconsiderable advantage with EC fan motor is brushless commutation. EC motors with eletronic commutation work without wear ad tear, they are much quieter, no loss of performance, achieve higher speeds and maximum torque at zero speed and have much longer life.

Fans MplusM with technology GreenTech represent the maximum protection of the enviroment, both during significantly reducing energy consumption in normal operation and in the actual production procces of the fans.


Fans are designed for blowing clean air into the combustion chamber of boilers, and for general ventilation space and technical equipment. It can operate at ambient temperatures form 0 to +40 °C.


Fan is composed of two panels of aluminum casing that is sturdy, lightweight jacket. In the aluminum housing is mounted engine with external rotor. The inlet port of the fan is protected by a grid, the output port is terminated by a flange with mounting holes (flanges and mounting holes according to the requied specifications).


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